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2015: A web agency's year in retrospective

This time last year, we said that 2014 had been the toughest in LeanPanda's history. Little did we know what 2015 held in store for us! If things keep going this way it's anyone's guess how we'll manage to stay sane until 2017?! :) So, here's a bit of backstage news from a web agency that loves doing retrospectives and telling people about its errors and successes.
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Introducing Dato: CMS for static sites

The web is not in good shape: think about how often we find ourselves confronted with broken sites. One in four websites are currently on Wordpress, where some 70% of installations are vulnerable to attack. Not so long ago, 12 million Drupal sites were compromised by malware.
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Should you talk to clients about testing?

Over the years we have found that there are huge advantages to testing. However, we have also found that the process brings with it certain problems, some of which are not easily solved. One of these is explaining the value\cost of testing to clients, and deciding whether to confront the issue during the sales phase.