Is Wordpress still enough for you?

Maximize your business potential with a future-proof technology like a headless CMS.

Zero Maintenance Required

An enterprise-grade headless CMS takes care of security and maintenance for you so that you can focus more on the product.

Unparalleled performance

Your website will be up to 10x faster with a headless solution, thanks to swift global CDNs for data and images. 

Your ideas to the market in the blink of an eye

You can iterate on ideas in a matter of minutes, thanks to instant prototyping and reusable assets on all languages.

Official trusted partner

Due to the flexibility of DatoCMS and the good support from LeanPanda, integrating the mockups made by our design team was easy, and we customize the platform to our needs.

Ernesto López Canelón
Product Owner at Arduino

Your shortcut for a better, faster website

Here’s a shortlist of the best perk of partnering with LeanPanda for your next digital experience.

A team of API-first, headless CMS experts

You will work with the same people that helped DatoCMS became a leading SaaS headless solution. If it can be done, we do it together.

All your previous content is safe

We import all the content produced on your Wordpress installation into a headless CMS in a blink of an eye.

Lightning-quick turnaround times

Thanks to Lean and Agile methodologies, you will see the first iteration of your project online in a matter of weeks.

Modern businesses must provide optimal digital experiences across a growing variety of channels. This multiexperience strategy requires hybrid headless “content as a service” to provide more flexibility and versatility to digital workplace application leaders responsible for customer experience.

The easiest way to the top

Companies choose LeanPanda to gain a competitive advantage.


days to go live


faster in load time


increase in e-commerce conversion

How Arduino sped up their educational projects

Since the collaboration with LeanPanda, Arduino can create and manage new products faster.

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