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With 4 million Euros in venture capitalist funding, PrivateGriffe is the Italian startup that had received the most funding in 2014. We had very little time to create both a website and a mobile app, and we worked under very difficult conditions. The project has had great visibility throughout the Christmas holiday season, thanks to commercials broadcast on Mediaset, which produced huge a huge influx of concurrent users.
Privategriffe, when ecommerce becomes a trend.
PrivateGriffe is the first Italian site to let users buy and sell brand-name second-hand clothes and accessories. At long last, Italy finally has an ecommerce site that lets members open a real virtual boutique.
Frontend Angular
Its responsive design adjusts perfectly to any device type, despite the complexity of the interface. In terms of user experience, the client side technologies we use make the site run very fast.
iOS & Android Apps
The iOS application for iPhone is native and available on the AppStore. We've rebuilt all of the product upload, management and sale stages. For Android users, we have created a web app available on the Google Play Store, which can be accessed on the responsive version of the website.
Client words
The LeanPanda team has accepted a challenge that other companies had deemed too difficult to overcome in the time we had available. Thanks to LeanPanda, we managed to lay the foundations of the new architecture and get the site's new graphical layout online within just two months.
Ivo Mosca
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