We will solve your problem by developing what is really necessary.

Working with prototypes

Do you have an idea to validate quickly, minimizing the startup cost? Use our team to begin a solid, well-structured project. We will get you accustomed in the initial weeks, all of the time necessary to do analysis, design, development, publication and validation of the ideas.

Ruby on Rails and iOS application development

Would you like to develop a complex application from scratch? We offer a full team that is dedicated 100 %, a strictly agile method of working with demo of established weekly features and online publication ready from the first week.

Visual design, User Experience

Do you need a graphic design studio for your website or your app? Do you want to improve the User Experience (UX/UI) and verify what works in what you already have? We are constantly staying up to date on the latest tools and techniques. We also develop all the illustrations and visual designs internally, doing graphical studies, developing guidelines and rules focused on development, defining wireframes, mood and style guides for your project.

Code review

Do you feel like you are losing control of your application? We know how to build extended architectures that are maintainable and scalable; we can check the code that you're making, help you make a more solid design of the code and share with you our best practices.

Team augmentation

If you have a team in need of temporary help in a more complex than usual project, we can integrate taking part in the development, working on specific modules or new sections. We will work side by side with your developments ensuring all the necessary training.

Top internal quality

We work with quality standards from the best agencies in the world

External quality affects everything that can be seen, aesthetics, communication, and the external perception of a project. Inner quality refers to everything that is not seen, in other words, the best practices for the UX and UI code, which is very important to us.

We use good practices of Extreme Programming as frequent release, BDD and TDD, continuous integration and pair programming. We write maintainable, clean and tested codes following the good implementation of the OOP agreements, and ensuring a coverage of complete testing for each functionality implemented.

A tested code is what allows projects to develop in a healthy and controllable manner, it lowers the risk of bugs and allows the team to update the code in time comfortably.


We specialize in Ruby on Rails, Angular and React. We write the front-end in Sass, rapidly integrating external services such as Paypal, Mangopay and Paymill.

Our products

Yes, we don't work just for our customers. Discover the tools, products and the open-source software projects that we have made.


Making a difference thanks to the strength of our method that makes agile and effective development and communication between teams and customers.

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