Costruiamo grandi progetti insieme!
Costruiamo grandi progetti insieme!

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We can design and develop your web/iOS mobile applications following your guidelines and today's best practices. Visual Design, UX and full stack development using Rails and React JS are our passion. A good rapport and a lot of hard work will get the job done!

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Opera Santa Maria del Fiore - website
Thanks to LeanPanda, we were able to implement our ideas within a short time, while drastically cutting our predicted costs, and providing daily information to millions of visitors from around the world.
Alice Filipponi
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DATO CMS for static websites

The CMS for static websites!

DatoCMS is a fully customizable administrative area for your static websites. Use your favorite website generator, let your clients publish new content independently, host the site anywhere you like.

Unbreakable websites, no security updates, infinitely scalable, simple to code, instant load times, zero infrastructure!

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