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Training is one of the keys that allow us to move toward excellence

LeanPanda participates actively in building new spaces in which to grow professionally; we receive much in return from the community thanks to open source projects; it seems right, as well as our duty, to return a bit of the knowledge we gained.

Better Software

LeanPanda (as Cantiere Creativo) is one of the organizers of Better Software, the Italian conference focused on entrepreneurs and managers devoted to innovation in management, project management, companies and people.

The conference features experts in technology, agile planning, company organization, user experience and all the disciplines which contribute to the development of a successful innovative project.

Ruby Day

Ruby Day is a day dedicated to the Italian developer community which revolves around the world of Ruby. RubyDay has been organized by the Ruby Italia Association since 2009. As of 2015, after many years in the role of participants or mentors, we have decided to become a part of the organizing staff to contribute to this event together with other companies which have an affinity to our world.

Florence On Ruby

Florence on Ruby (aka FLOR) is the Florentine meeting point, in BarCamp style, where students, researchers, professionals or simply people who are curious can decide to dedicate a part of their time to promote the diffusion and knowledge of the Ruby programming language through activities and events.

FLOR is an initiative that LeanPanda wants to see as a moment of comparison and exchange in the Ruby community. We make our office available along with the necessary equipment, food and beverages!

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