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Delight your customers and drive sales with unique products and digital experience that lasts

LeanPanda is a creative technology and product design agency that helps businesses create real and lasting connections with their users and customers. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach in problem-solving and the unyielding power of human relationships.

Modern businesses must provide optimal digital experiences across a growing variety of channels. This multiexperience strategy requires hybrid headless “content as a service” to provide more flexibility and versatility to digital workplace application leaders responsible for customer experience.

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Uffizi Galleries

One of the most visited museums of the world, with around 2M website visitors per year. An instant page loads across the spectrum of user devices and internet connection speeds.

"The new Uffizi Gallery website required, first of all, to effectively communicate a moment of profound change, and LeanPanda offered us all the technical support necessary to reach the goal. We worked together with the design and development of the site, and we much appreciated their innovative and user-friendly approach."

Eike D. Schmidt | Director of Uffizi Gallerie


Define your desired outcomes with us and we help you match them with real, measurable client needs. From a solid groundwork, we can create together customer experiences that live and breathe far beyond the digital realm. 


Embrace new and exciting tesi sichnologies that ripple beneath the surface and let us push the boundaries of what is achievable on every channel: progressive web applications, internet of things, digital/analog experiences, and custom-tailored web experiences. Enjoy rapidly delivered prototypes, so you can suggest way to iterate them as fast as humanly possibile.

L’Officiel, worldwide fashion magazine

A worldwide editorial platform that shares digital content with 30+ countries and 99.999% uptime.  It manages and offers 48,000+ images and 14,000+ videos. Content is served lightspeed fast by a network of multiple CDNs, ensuring a great user experience to the visitors.

UX Design

Knowledge is power. Understand everything that will help you find a better business solution and experience our Lean UX methodologies that let you understand user's needs and behaviours better. We will define a roadmap that solves real problems, and design an appealing and usable product around it.


Your product design will be truly one of a kind, thanks to a multidisciplinary approach that drives every choice down the road. Our strategy, UX design, and technology inform our creativity and help us deliver you reliable and functional products even as we push the limits of user interactions.

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