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How to write migration scripts to change content schema with DatoCMS

In this tutorial, we will go over how to make changes to content schema in a DatoCMS project safely, without interfering with production, and with maximal flexibility for testing before merging.

Simple email forwarding with AWS Lambda and Serverless (and SES)

If forwarding emails (with some calculations in-between) is what you need, then AWS Lambda is the simplest solution for you.

Smart Integration Testing in Rails

When we start to talk about testing we always seem to end up discussing integration testing. But is integration testing really our favourite superhero? Or can it become our worst enemy? In this post I'm going to try, using a practical example, to work out how far we can take integration testing and when it would be better to delegate testing to other parts of the application.

Ruby, NodeJS and Go: advantages and disadvantages for backend development

For single-page applications there is a pretty clear-cut distinction between frontend and backend. The presentation and interaction aspects are handled entirely by the frontend, while the backend takes care of the logic: reading the data passed to it by the frontend, processing that data and returning the results.

Machine Learning made simple with Ruby

How is it possible to make automatic classification work properly without resorting to using external prediction services? Starting with Bayesian classification, you can use the ruby gem classifier-reborn to create a Latent Semantic Indexer. Hands on!