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Simple email forwarding with AWS Lambda and Serverless (and SES)

If forwarding emails (with some calculations in-between) is what you need, then AWS Lambda is the simplest solution for you.

React JS: newbies tutorial

As you can probably guess from the title, this post is aimed at readers with very little experience of programming. That is, at people such as myself: as I've only been exploring the world of programming for six months now. So, it's going to be a genuine newbies tutorial! To follow it, you'll only need to have an understanding of HTML and CSS and a basic level of Javascript (JS).

N.B. In the following examples we will be taking advantage of some of the new abilities offered by ES6 to facilitate the process of writing JS code. It is, however, entirely possible to use React with ES5.

BazaarJS: our criticisms of Angular

Angular is now, without doubt, the Javascript Framework par excellence®, with popularity far exceeding that of any of its competitors. But is all that shines really gold? In this latest post in our #BazarJS series, which looks at the development of Single Page Applications, we will describe our personal experience with the framework.

BazaarJS: Javascript preprocessors

BazarJS series, this time dedicated to the history, past and future of Javascript. We'll start by taking a look at the CoffeeScript and TypeScript pre-processors, then get to know ECMAScript 6 to find out whether we can finally start taking Javascript seriously.

BazaarJS: CSS pre and post processors

Our BazaarJS series continues. In this article we're going to take a brief (digestive, if you will) pause from the world of Javascript to confront another, equally important, topic: stylesheets. Based on our extensive experience with Sass, we will examine the principle Javascript alternatives available (Less.js and Stylus). Is it worth changing preprocessor? To finish, we will take a look at a range of postprocessing tools that have grown in popularity during 2014.

BazaarJS: Module loaders e package managers

This is the second episode of our BazarJS series on the magical world of single-page applications... today we're going to be taking a serious look at module loaders, bundlers and package managers: three of the most "confused", controversial and peculiar topics in the Javascript world.

As always, after giving an overview of the available solutions, we will explain the advantages and disadvantages that have led us to our personal choice.

BazaarJS: the Node.js task runner diaspora

This is the first episode of our new BazaarJS series, dedicated to exploring the world of SPAs (single-page applications)... today we'll be talking about build tools and task runners!

Our Guide to Javascript and single-page apps

The world of Javascript is currently characterized by extreme fragmentation and intense competition between different ideas. This has caused us to ask ourselves a couple of questions. Firstly, is this proof of the community's vitality, or of its immaturity? Secondly, how is it possible to survive the current churn rate?

In this new series of articles we will do our best to clearly explain what the different alternatives available to those working with Javascript are, and to set out our ideas about what constitutes solid, maintainable development.

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