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2015: A web agency's year in retrospective

This time last year, we said that 2014 had been the toughest in LeanPanda's history. Little did we know what 2015 held in store for us! If things keep going this way it's anyone's guess how we'll manage to stay sane until 2017?! :) So, here's a bit of backstage news from a web agency that loves doing retrospectives and telling people about its errors and successes.
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Ecommerce Forum 2015, a short summary

We participated in the tenth edition of the Ecommerce Forum, prominent workshop in the development of electronic commerce. One of the points that most interested us was the process of products delivery. Here is a brief recap of the day.
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Fiware Hackathon Italy, we (almost) won again!

A new victory and a prize as best developers! This all happened last week at the IMPACT hackathon, a #fiware promotional event, the European answer to the technological monopoly from across the ocean. We came in second again; we’ll win the next one, because a pig that doesn’t fly, is just a pig (cit. Porco Rosso).