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Mastico, the new gem by Lean Panda!

Writing simple Elasticsearch queries can often be tedious and complex, using Chewy can help but it increases the difficulty of keeping our code DRY. We would love to show you our solution to make t work easier.

Smart Integration Testing in Rails

When we start to talk about testing we always seem to end up discussing integration testing. But is integration testing really our favourite superhero? Or can it become our worst enemy? In this post I'm going to try, using a practical example, to work out how far we can take integration testing and when it would be better to delegate testing to other parts of the application.

Ruby, NodeJS and Go: advantages and disadvantages for backend development

For single-page applications there is a pretty clear-cut distinction between frontend and backend. The presentation and interaction aspects are handled entirely by the frontend, while the backend takes care of the logic: reading the data passed to it by the frontend, processing that data and returning the results.

RubyDay 2015, we're nearly there!

It's almost time! There are just a few weeks to go until the 5th edition of Rubyday, the annual get-together of RubyItalia: the association representing Ruby developers and the Ruby ecosystem of gems and frameworks (such as Ruby on Rails) in Italy. Cantiere Creativo \ LeanPanda, together with two other companies — Nebulab and Welaikahave decided to take part in organizing the 2015 event.

Multilingual applications: how to manage sitemaps and meta-tags for better indexing

If you're using Rails then managing the SEO component of a web application is as simple as it is important to implement. You can easily find guides on how to do so online.

  • David LibreraDavid Librera
  • 10 February 2015

Ruby Day 2014: our experience

Conferences are important to us for a number of reasons: they let us meet old friends; discover faces behind twitter accounts; get to know people; share our experiences; and generally find out about what's going on in our sector. Ruby Day has, for several years, been a point of reference for those like us who love using this language to develop projects.