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A strong, but agile foundation upon which to build large projects.

Agile and Lean methodologies

We enthusiastically support Agile practices, we are proud of our ability to rapidly create, react, and improve. Our projects are organized in weekly sprints with a 100% dedicated team, and we use Scrum project management tools.

We work together with the customer to achieve maximum value in relation to the budget. We help in the selection and achievement of the objective by proposing the best paths to quickly reach the objectives of your business.

Continuous communication

Effective communication is critical to carrying out the project to ensure success:for this reason, we make our customers an integral part of the development process at every stage.

For every customer we create a dedicated Flowdock chat room,so as to maintain visible and accessible information about the project,and to be able to solve daily micro issues that arise during development.

Honesty and integrity

There is only one way to win and to build confidence:being honest, kind and respectful while we achieve working and verifiable results.

If the customer is not happy with how things are going, per written contract,he/she is free to stop development at any time having full accessto the material produced up to that point,with all the infrastructure to make it operational.

Exit strategy

When the critical phase of development is finished,it is in the interests of all to create and form an internal teamto entrust with the maintenance of the project, because only in this way,what we've done for you becomes truly yours.

We are able to help you in the process of hiring,as well as training, which allows you to quickly achievetotal independence (and lower maintenance costs).

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