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Honesty and transparency: not just beautiful words! We have translated our ethical principles into a method and an agreement where everybody wins

An honest approach greatly improves the quality of life, work, relationships and produces a sense of satisfaction and tranquility both for us and for the customer that easily, comes back to where they feel well-treated. For us it is a long-term investment.

We believe in transparency; everything we do is done properly, thoroughly and attentively, available to the customer in real time. We produce comprehensive reports and during the development we are committed to evaluating retrospectively, together with the customer, whether our promise of cost and time were fulfilled, as well as the quality of the product.

No to Lock-in

We utterly refuse to apply any type of constraint on the customer, both technological and contractual. Lock-in is a practice applied too often, which makes it hard for anyone to be able to detach from a supplier.

It assumes that in a working relationship everything will go well, and that's not correct. There are reasons why a customer might want to change: dissatisfaction and distrust, certainly, but also less negative reasons like building an internal team or the sudden lack of budget. Our contract makes the customer free to "terminate" at any time, without any constraint. All codes and material product are the property of the customer, as well as all other services are in the customer's name. The code is tested and documented so that the team after us is able to carry forward the work from the first day.

Dreaming big, starting small

When you turn on the light bulb of a brilliant idea that will revolutionize the world, it is easy for euphoria to blind reasoning. Everything must be in place, all at once, because otherwise it will not work and destroy the idea! A great illusion, which is the main cause of the failure in 9 out of 10 startup.

Enthusiasm is important, without a doubt. But the beginning of a project is the time of greatest uncertainty and is the worst possible time to make important and costly decisions.

We prefer a lean and scientific approach, in which ideas are transformed into work on the basis of data and not only on intuitions. No one, not even the most authoritative entrepreneur, can say with absolute certainty: "So it works". Experience counts, but users must always have the last word and they will make a real difference.

We are not interested in "milking" the customer to finding themselves with a "dead" project. We prefer successful projects lasting through time, providing each time the minimum that will allow us to validate the from field functionality that is actually worth implementing. In addition to being advantageous for us, we are certain that this is the real desire of those who invest.

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