Bookrepublic EXPO 2015

UI/UX / Development / Ecommerce

logo Bookrepublic EXPO 2015
Bookrepublic is one of the main italian ebook stores. We work on it since several years. EXPO 2015 has been the occasion for Bookrepublic to realize a new platform dedicated to the world of food, to develop a vision that joins the paper books with digital books. We have developed and designed the whole project, UX/UI, Frontend development with React JS and working with their team to define the API.

Bookrepublic and Librerie.Coop

Bookrepublic is an online store where you can buy digital ebooks. They offer a catalog and high quality proposal. Librerie.Coop is a project born to promote the culture through the books and reading. It counts today more than 40 libraries in historical centres, malls and selling corners within Eataly superstores.

User Experience

We have realized an HTML prototype in order to make some user tests and to check the usability on a touch screen 32'' that is used by users at EXPO.
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Responsive Website

1550163743 br responsive

Frontend React JS

React JS has been our choice as client-side framework to develop an isomorphic application which needs to be fast and solid.
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1550163749 br internalpage
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Ebook reader

The Ebook Reader has been a great challenge that today permits to the users to read the first chapters of the book before to buy. The reading experience is guaranteed on every kind of devices thanks to the responsive design.
1550163754 br expo reader preview
1550163758 br expo reader cover
1550163762 br expo reader

The LeanPanda project team

Matteo Papadopoulos

Matteo Papadopoulos

COO, Chief Operation Officer
Damiano Giacomello

Damiano Giacomello

Stefano Verna

Stefano Verna

Head of DatoCMS
David Librera

David Librera

Software engineer, DevOps

Client words

LeanPanda has supported us on technological choices to realize a truly important initiative. Their professional skills has drove us from the ux concepts until the final deploy, taking care of the frontend developments and API design. EXPO 2015 was a primary objective for our company.
Matteo Scurati
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