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Branding & Website

logo Certa

Certa needed a new digital experience not anchored to Italian stereotypes, capable of transmitting the dynamism and the unique taste of the team in the choice of products (and words!).

Certa sells and delivers more than 450 selected Italian products in Hong Kong from 40 partners and 11 different regions. It organizes events, wine tasting, and culinary tours; it helps businesses with wine, food, and culture bespoke consultancies. 

Cantiere Creativo has worked on translating their desires and expertise into a coherent and pleasant digital identity, accompanied by the design of a deeply modern yet easy-to-digest website for their culture-savvy audience from Asia.

The LeanPanda project team

Juana Alvarez

Juana Alvarez

Art Director
Leonardo Gubbioni

Leonardo Gubbioni

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