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Florence Luxury Villas

Brand, Visual Design, Development

logo Florence Luxury Villas
Florence Luxury Villas has been directly managing 12 luxury apartments in some of the most beautiful locations of the city of Florence for over 15 years. Set in the Pian de' Giullari area and at the foot of Settignano, these accommodations embody the uniqueness of the city of Florence where you can be immersed in authentic Tuscan countryside. Michael Naify, the current owner of Villa Strozzi and Torre del Gallo, has been fascinated by the Medici’s city ever since studying Renaissance history at University.

A new brand and website

The beauty of the villas needs a brand and a visual design to communicate their value through the colors, patterns and Renaissance icons that characterize these properties. The website, developed with DatoCMS, allows the editors to create static pages, leaving the freedom to manage all the content and guarantee the best in terms of safety and performance.

The LeanPanda project team

Marco Zampetti

Marco Zampetti

Product Owner, Product Designer, Frontend Developer
Juana Alvarez

Juana Alvarez

Art Director
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