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La Liste is here to offer you a unique fashion experience. Get inspired by the most exciting names and brands in fashion today through L’Officiel’s exclusive editorials and articles. From Chanel to Michael Kors, Dior to Salvatore Ferragamo, L’Officiel has partnered with the industry’s foremost luxury brands to create the digital content and to offer you a handpicked selection of their best products.

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What is a taste token?

Taste Tokens are a luxury virtual currency that have been specially developed by L’Officiel for the exclusive use of today’s most exciting Tastemakers. As your Tokens accumulate, make your way to La Liste where you can shop from all your favorite brands. So, whet your buds: L’Officiel will be distributing up to $100,000,000 (USD) worth of Taste Tokens to Tastemakers over the next two years.

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How do I use it?

Access and manage your Taste Tokens via your profile on L’Officiel’s La Liste platform. Here, you’ll find exclusive editorials and articles on the industry’s latest and greatest. See something you like? Use your Tokens to purchase the product in the editorial and article or, alternatively, choose between the hundreds of luxury products on offer at La Liste. Each product you see has been given a Taste Token price that will be deducted from your current Token balance upon purchase.

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How can I earn Taste Tokens?

It’s simple. L’Officiel awards Taste Tokens for engagement. Read, Share and Like what you see on La Liste, and tell us about your own tastes by tagging us social media. Tastemakers make the fashion world go ‘round and we love knowing more about you! You also have the opportunity to top up your current Token balance manually.

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