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A passion for our work often leads us to creating products and solutions

Periodically at Cantiere, we organize internal production marathons, confined to 3-4 days of full focus. The goal is not necessarily a profit, as far as the stimulus to work in a group and self-organization, personal growth as well as the ability to experiment with alternative processes of production.


DatoCMS is a fully customizable administrative area for your static websites. Use your favourite website generator, let your clients publish new content independently, host the site anywhere you like. DatoCMS administrative interface is incredibly simple to use, yet flexible enough to allow the management of pretty much any kind of website.

Going back to static with DatoCMS can dramatically simplify your work as a web agency or freelance developer, to the point of being a competitive advantage over your competitors.

Hi Guys!

The RailsRumble is a global Ruby on Rails contest in which a product must be developed over the past 48 hours: ours was Hi Guys!, a platform that allows a team that works remotely, to be able to see each other and be a little more in contact during the day.

Our work has been voted on and judged, qualifying in second place among 168 total entries! An huge effort (development day and night) rewarded by huge satisfaction!


Mentionizr is a small software developed by Stefano Verna and Gabriele Cirulli during a Florentine visit at our office.

It is a good rule to use in Twitter, when tweeting a given article, to mention the author, which can often be annoying in terms of searching for the right user name. Mentionizer helps you quickly find the information without having to exit the page that you are sharing and without having to look at the source code of the page itself!

Mentionizer is also available in an optimized version for Buffer and Hootsuite.

Our Open Source projects

We are great supporters of Open Source. As far as possible we try to return the favor, by extracting from our consulting work and everyday production gems, libraries and tools that may be useful to the community.


A nice, declarative way of managing JSON API calls with Redux. This library makes use of the Fetch API to make AJAX requests, so make sure to add a polyfill if your execution environment is not equipped with it.


BEMO, more than a frontend framework, is a starting skeleton for your Sass-based projects. The minimum required for starting on the right foot, without interfering with the custom style on your site.

BEMO follows an approach that is strongly BEM, and is inspired by the Harry Roberts framework inuit.css. It also offers some Grunts task that allow the generation of a custom webfont from SVG icons, it is retina-ready and resizable.


Admino is a Ruby gemstone, a minimal solution for generating administration interfaces in rails. Admino exploits query objects and presenters, offering a generator of custom tables and search form with filters and sorting. Admino is used in many of our projects.


Tedium is a Ruby gem that allows you to make less boring writing of Capybara acceptance tests: rather than specifying procedurally the individual actions to be performed, with Tedium, one may define high-level actions to perform on the page, using Page Objects


Showcase is a simple Ruby gem framework-agnostic that implements the Presenter/Exhibit pattern. Thanks to a series of optional modules and a declarative DSL, you can capture the generation of links and SEO management and sharing on social networks within the presenter itself.


Rummate is an internal tool to manage the planning of our team’s working hours for the next week. Rummate is integrated with the APIs of Freckle, the time-tracking tool, which was developed with React. Rummate is currently not available to the public but will soon be released as a beta version.

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