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The headless solution for unparalleled publishing experiences

Composable WCM is a solution designed to easily manage complex editorial architectures based on infinitely scalable technology stacks with AAA performances.

Centralized and headless content management allows marketing and editorial teams to work on a tailor-made information architecture, which gives them surgical control of corporate publication and communication.

The information is distributed in real-time and consistently across all channels, offering users an all-encompassing, fluid, and tailored digital experience tailored to their needs.

Created by a cross-functional team

The proposed solution is the product of years of experience accumulated by the Cantiere team and involves all the fundamental skills in the design: UX, UI, Engineering, and Digital Marketing.

Everything you need in one place

The solution is designed to manage, edit and create content from a single WCM platform, secure and accessible by the whole team. The content hub allows you to produce, edit and publish pure content that can be pushed on every channel and point of contact without developers' help.

Performance never seen before

Headless technologies and API-based design make it possible to obtain sites with scores of 100/100 on Google Lighthouse, capable of scaling even to the peaks of millions of contemporary users and of integrating with any external service or product.

Safe and worry-free

The technology stack is made up of the best SaaS on the market, so internal teams will be able to focus on content and users while also reducing infrastructure maintenance and updating costs, with security guaranteed by the services used.

Technologies that make the difference

The Composable WCM solution uses modern, safe, and freely accessible technologies and services designed to communicate with each other and any other pre-existing service via API.

DatoCMS founders

Cantiere Creativo relies on the management of pure content on DatoCMS, an internal creation of Cantiere Creativo that has become the most powerful headless CMS on the market.

Three-steps process

Cantiere Creativo uses a rigorous and transparent process divided into three phases: Discovery, Design, and Development. The method is designed to involve the customer entirely and respect deadlines and budgets.

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