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In the absence of content, design is not design, it’s only decoration.

For this reason, we don’t only limit ourselves to creativity but we are also interested in studying the entire process, from wireframes to final mockups, passing by way of UX, UI and Visual design, both for web and mobile applications.

We constantly stay up to date on techniques and trends, we participate in conferences, and we apply the Agile methodology for all aspects related to design.


Based on the real content, we develop low resolution wireframes which are totally lacking in graphical elements. This allows us to focus on the content. We can do simple sketches on paper or develop layouts directly in HTML.

Having different approaches permits us to develop real functioning prototypes that allow the client and the team to verify navigation and content flows and to establish the usability criteria for the end user.

Visual Design

The development of the visual design begins concurrently with the development of the wireframe, based on the information collected during the brief. The style of the application and the icons is decided here as well as the typography, the color palette and the logo study. All this is done in a manner which is not constrained by the content. Our creatives are thus able to conceive a true mood of the project.


The next phase is the union of wireframes and of the visuals. The final result is created here, where the application-- a simple grid until now-- takes on life and color. The mockups are then mounted on simulation platforms to test the visuals even before developing them.

Style guides

This is the last step of the first sprint dedicated to graphics and design. We develop real documentation to enable the developers to follow precise instructions on palette, CSS modules, vertical rhythms, typography, use of logos and icons.


To develop working wireframe prototypes, we use our BEMO frontend framework which gives us a Saas-based starting framework. It is the bare minimum necessary to get off on the right foot without interfering with the graphical style of the project that has yet to be defined.


We use various tools ranging from the Adobe suite to Balsamic or the new Sketch. To develop prototypes, we use Middleman, a platform that helps generate static sites taking advantage of the potential of Ruby. We also use POP to make prototypes of mobile applications.

No Lock-in

In accordance with our desire to not create any type of constraint for our clients, all the material we develop, from graphic sources, the assets and documentation, are all entirely the property of the client who can use it as it wishes from the start.

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